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About Us

A school is a place where one learns about the totality, the wholeness of life.

Realizing the importance of primary education which is the most prominent and most challenging area, Meghe Group of Schools initiated the School of Scholars is one of the most prominent chain of educational institutions in Maharashtra. SOS, we aim to equip our children with most excellent technological proficiency so that they will function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world. For SOS, more important is to create the right climate to develop children as a complete human being. SOS mainly focuses on the educationally rearward region of Vidarbha and aims to impart the global way of education to the students in this area. Contemporary life is deeply influenced by rapid technological progress as well as environmental and social crises. Academic pressures, peer pressures, parental expectations and media influence leave very little room for independent thinking and a wholesome growing up to kids. SOS is providing our children with the opportunities to flower in goodness so that they rightly relate to people, things and ideas to the whole of life. Today, SOS has eight schools spread across the Maharashtra state catering the educational needs of more than 20,000 students.


To provide quality education for developing multi dimensional outlook in students and make them better global citizens.


Creating congenial learning environment Encompassing scholastic and co-scholastic activities to enable students sustain in the modern competitive world.

Nurturing and equipping students to broaden their horizons and make them socially aware , emotionally stable and morally strong individuals of the global society.


To incorporate maximum interlinking of subjects in the curriculum.
To develop global awareness through international projects.
To increase the link between the school and the local community we serve through community reach projects.
To motivate wide participation in sports activities.
To ensure qualities and supportive parenting.
To inculcate sound moral values through value card and gender sensitivity activities.


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    From The Principal's Desk

    Greetings to all !!

    Martin Luther King, Jr. says, “One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social change…… Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” To achieve all this it is absolutely important to have a ‘RIGHT ATTITUDE’. I recently read a beautiful piece of news. It was about Sundar Pichai – the quiet and unassuming man from Chennai who has become the de facto second powerful person at the world’s largest internet company - GOOGLE who said “A person who is HAPPY is so not because everything is RIGHT in his Life.

    He is HAPPY because his ATTITUDE towards everything in his Life is RIGHT.” How True!!! If one has the right attitude then it is a well begun, half done story., isn’t it?

    We began this year with a very positive note by choosing a very thought provoking theme – “Excel- Beyond the Boundaries”. The idea behind the theme is to motivate and encourage each and every student from our school to excel in all walks of life with determination, dedication, devotion, direction and grit. We want to give them wings of freedom of thought and action and ignite their wings so that they soar high and higher and excel beyond their boundaries.

    On a closing note, “Always remember you are your own hero. No one, no one could defy what you are. Uncover the infinite potential that is laid within you, and stop loving a life of mediocrity. Step into the wonderment of your highest self.”

    Usha Ravi Ramalingam
    SOS Gadchiroli

    10th Standard Toppers 2017-18

    Vaidehi Pardhi
    Makrand Malewar
    Keshav Rathi
    Mayuri Todase
    Gourikant Mudke
    Shrushti Dorlikar

    Best Practices


    Integrated Units

    The interdisciplinary approach adopted at MGS, helps students to develop knowledge, insights, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and a passion for learning.  This approach makes students...

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    Group Activities

    Collaborative approach adopted in the classroom enable children realize the importance of group work for success in today’s competitive world. The properly structured group projects...

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    Child Centered Learning

    A wide variety of educational methods and learning strategies encompassing the distinct learning needs allows students to do away with the rote teaching and tedious...

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    Communication Lab

    Realizing the need of the hour, the MGS has come up with the concept of Communication Lab for improving student’s linguistic skills like listening, reading,...

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    Virtual Learning (I-cloud)

    Virtual classes are conducted by subject experts on various topics to help students avail the experience of expert learning. A Virtual Learning Environment or learning...

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    Remedial and Counselling Cell

    A special remedial and counseling cell is functional in MGS with an objective to offer help, support services, guidance to children with special needs,...

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    With an aim of improving the quality of education and to make learning more interactive and enjoyable. The classrooms are well equipped with a range...

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    Centralized Exam

    A Centralized Examination Committee has been formed to ensure a uniform school evaluation procedures and thus maintain the set educational standards....

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    Mentor-Mentee System

    The main aim of the mentor-mentee system initiated at MGS is to build capacity within the schools by providing a Mentor to teachers and students...

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    Teacher’s Proficiency Test

    Teachers Proficiency Test is conducted online for all teachers every year. This helps teachers in unlearning & relearning of the concepts. It is a tool...

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    Grand Challenges Canada

    Grand Challenges Canada Meghe Group of Schools jointly with Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DMIMS) is one of the five institutes to receive the...

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    Academic Advisory Board

    The Academic Advisory Board for MGS was constituted in 2010 with an aim to enhance the academic standards. The Academic Advisory Board includes members of...

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    For the continuous enhancement of the teaching - learning process and measuring the effectiveness of evaluation method and ensuring the quality standards, the schools have...

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    Academic Audits

    Academic audits are conducted annually to assess & endorse that the school meets the established standards. It helps in upgrading the standards and encourages continuous...

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    Intellectual Development

    Competitive Exams: Special coaching is imparted to students right from the age of 12 to 17 through the integrated Techno Vision & Varsity Program. This...

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    Physical & Artistic Development

    Day Boarding Program The day boarding program carried out in MGS aims at developing the physical and artistic aspect of the child’s personality by conducting...

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    Pre-Vocational Courses

    Every child is provided intensive training for playing at least one musical instrument of his / her interest. There is a planned & structured curriculum...

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    Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility and Community Outreach Visits to Orphanages, Old age homes, Collection in kind for people affected by natural calamities are some of the activities...

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    Leadership Programmes

    Student’s Council With the conviction that Good leaders are developed, not born, the group strives to make the Student Council the most representative body of...

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    Our Endeavours

    Intra MGS Competition Intra MGS competitions are aimed at harnessing and sharpening of talents of the students in different areas....

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    Life Skills Development

    Disaster Management Disaster Management Training is imparted at school-level to deal with any untoward incidents that may require immediate attention and thereby reduce the vulnerability...

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    Best Facilities


    We provide the safest and most reliable transportation for students and Teachers. Whether it’s routing, driver training or safety technology, SOS provides superior services to meet your Child’s Transpotation needs.


    Art and Craft is a zone dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through art, education and artistic development. It is not treated as a subject per se but a vent to indulge students into fantasy, promote aesthetic expression.


    The science labs of the school are utilized by the Elementary section to Demonstrate all the relevant topics in the curriculum like - water behaviour, properties etc. Topics like human body, internal organs etc are also dealt with in the Laboratory.


    Sports curriculum of the school designed by the teachers in the school, scientifically and methodically handles every sport and physical activity of the school. All activities in the school are compulsory for all students to participate.

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